One Beauty Ice-Cooling IPL Hair Removal

Sale price₹20,000
  • 【Effective and safe hair removal】 IPL laser hair removal device has passed professional agency certification and clinical verification. The IPL hair removal instrument uses lasers to destroy the hair regeneration mechanism by raising the temperature of the hair follicles enough to destroy the germinal cells, without damaging the unhealthy skin and surrounding skin tissues.
  • 【Ice cooling care, painless hair removal】ONE BEAUTY hair removal device has the function of cooling the skin. The light outlet emits pulsed light with a length of 510-1200nm while cooling the skin, making the skin feel cool and comfortable, and achieve painless hair removal.
  • 【Five gears mode】In the power-on state, click the "Gear button" to select the appropriate gear. 5 gears can be selected, the energy is from small to large, the first gear has the least energy, and the fifth gear has the largest energy.
  • 【Portable and easy to use】The ice cooling hair removal device is portable and easy to use. You can use it at home or in a hotel. Since then, painless permanent hair removal no longer has to go to a beauty salon, and there is no need to pay high fees.
  • 【999,999 flashes for lifetime use】The IPL hair removal device has a maximum flash life of 999,999 flashes. It can be used for life on the whole body without the need to purchase other hair removal equipment. The remaining number of flashes will be clearly displayed on the LCD display, allowing you to know the remaining number of flashes at any time.