Fawes Sandscape 24" Wall mounted Sand Art with 360° Rotation Home Decor

Color: Black

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Our most impressive piece

The FAWES 24" Sandscape is the most stately design of the entire collection. A massive piece to bring an intense feeling of peace and serenity to any room or living space. With flow-times varying from a few hours to several days with a little practice, you can gaze at your piece and get lost in its beauty for hours straight.

Choose from multiple sand colors to match your interior and start your collection with your first ever completely unique and ever-changing art piece.

 A statement of originality

Every FAWES Sandscape is carefully handcrafted to each order. You will receive a unique piece of art made especially for you, allowing you to witness beautiful random landscapes every day. Each time you turn your piece around, it will create mesmerizing patterns that have never been created before, and will never be created again.


Our Sandscapes are here to make sure that you feel relaxed and in Zen mode every time you gaze at them.


Unique designs that change shape with each turn of the Sandscape.


The perfect mix between the nostalgia of our childhood and the calmness brought by the sand falls.