PopSockets Popgrip Backspin Party Mix

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PopSockets Backspin Party Mix

Add some retro flair and interactive fun to your mobile experience with the PopSockets Backspin Party Mix. This innovative PopGrip not only provides a secure grip for your phone but also features a spinning top for endless entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Retro Design: The Party Mix design mimics a classic CD, adding a nostalgic touch to your phone accessory collection.
  • Interactive Spinner: The backspin feature allows you to spin the top, providing a fun and engaging way to pass the time.
  • Secure Grip: Offers a comfortable and secure grip for your phone, preventing drops and enhancing your mobile usage.
  • Expanding Kickstand: Functions as a convenient kickstand for hands-free viewing of videos and content.
  • Swappable Top: Easily switch out the top design for a fresh look or to match your mood and style.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with most smartphones and phone cases, making it a versatile addition to your device.