Repor Eye Massager

Sale price₹15,999

Introducing the high-end eye massage machine Repor RP-I50

The Repor RP-I50 eye massager provides instant relaxation and pain relief for your stressed and tired eyes thanks to 3-in-1 vibration, kneading and hot compress therapy integrated in 5 intensive massage modes. Massage technology targets deep muscles and acupuncture points around the eyes, eyebrows and temples to help loosen tense muscles, reduce headaches, eye strain, improve sleep and relieve stress.

The entire eye area and temples will also be relieved of pain when you use Repor RP-I50 with 8 finger massage heads, 2 hot compress massage heads and 2 airbag massage heads. Repor RP-I50 smart eye massage machine provides maximum comfort thanks to comfortable heating technology, vibration intensity up to 10,000 times/minute and perfect design according to Asian facial shapes

The eye massager can connect to your phone's Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying a relaxing eye massage. Compact, foldable design with customizable elastic strap, convenient for you to carry with you to use anytime, anywhere.