Square Off PRO Rollable E-chessboard
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Square Off PRO Rollable E-chessboard

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Requires a basic smartphone connectivity via bluetooth for a full access to the app features.


Challenge players on the biggest chess engines like LiChess & Chess.com via the Square Off App


Visit the moves of your past games, learn from your mistakes & improve your strategy.

The A.I. of the board quickly adapts to your skillset and guides you as you play its many difficulty levels.


The interactive LEDs on the board's surface will guide you through your moves.


The move can be registered on the board without pressing the piece, the surface sensors would detect it accurately with precision.


A precisely dimensioned tournament size chessboard and professional chess pieces.




20.4"x 18"x 0.78"


2.2 lbs


BLE 4.2

USB-C cord

1.8m length

Square Size

2 inch

King Size

3.7 inch


Upto 10 hours

LED Indicators

Array of 72 LEDs